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Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Caravan and Trailer Insurance protects your caravan or trailer from being damaged or stolen – whether you’re on the road, or it’s just parked in the driveway at home.

Resilium Caravan Insurance also covers trailers, camper trailers, animal floats, unregistered on-site caravans and your caravans annexe.

Key Features:

  • Cover available for registered caravans, unregistered on-site caravans, trailers including animal and horse floats, caravan contents.
  • No-claim discount rating.
  • Emergency repairs, travel and accommodation for trailers and registered caravans – up to $500 for emergency repairs. Up to $500 for emergency travel and overnight accommodation
  • Emergency repairs, travel and accommodation for unregistered on-site caravans – Up to $500 for temporary accommodation if your unregistered on-site caravan is damaged by an event.
  • Transportation and storage costs – provides payment for reasonable costs of moving and storing your caravan or trailer after an event.
  • $500 contents cover – you have automatic contents cover up to $500
  • Legal liability for unregistered on-site caravans – provides cover for the amounts you must legally pay for damages for personal injury or death of another person (up to $10,000,000), or for loss of or damage to another person’s property (up to $20,000,000), caused by your use or occupation of their unregistered on-site caravan.
  • Option to increase content cover
  • Option to cover your annexe for loss or damage caused by an event while it is being used.

Talk to us and we can arrange competitive caravan or trailer insurance. Whether you are looking for caravan or trailer insurance, you can compare your insurance by contacting us.